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media artist
singer producer

«the stage my art space - the art space my stage»

Hi I'm JCH (Jacqui Chocolat) living & working in Berne. My debut album «As Far As I Can Be ...» was launched in June 2016. It contains eleven lyric-poetic pieces for voice and piano. After several concerts, I'm currently working on my second album (experimental electro). It will be released in June 2020. My goal is, to remain artistically free and reach out to an objective audience. Intuition, is my most important instrument and where ever I go my camera comes with me :-)) I'm very proud of my thirteen year old son. His song Story made it to the 1st place in the Zambo Jahrescharts (Kindersendung SRF1), check it out :-)

2016 As Far As I Can Be … (studioalbum)

fine arts (mixed media: sculpture, photography & video)
since 2017 photography (show coming up) | since 2016 Naopie Cocoon (collage collective) | 2013-heute Process 01/02 mixed media (mainly sculpture, artefacts)

2011 MAS in Arts Management, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
| 2005 dipl. media artist, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland | 2001 dipl. goldsmith, Frieden AG Creative Design, Thun

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